Let's face it.... Your looking to promote business and generate more income.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or looking to change careers, let CFIS help you! 

Our proven systems will make you



We all have a story to tell, but if we have no one to tell it to, what good is it.

Our proprietary marketing and lead programs are designed to put you in front of 20-30 new prospects per week.   Our technology has eliminated the age old need to Cold Call or Door Knock.  We have several marketing strategies designed to generate WARM-PROSPECTS. 

How do we do it?

The following are examples of how we generate leads for our brokers:

1. Direct Mailers 

2. Internet Leads

3. Appointment Setters

4. Seminars

We've created a system to:
- Get you in front of more prospects
- Close more business
- Explore new areas to cross-sell to your current book of business


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